Member Update – 5th November 2018 – Mosman Rowers New Era Begins – Re-opening Early January 2019

The campaign for Mosman Rowers at Mosman Bay has moved to the next level, the $150,000 required to comply with the DOCA has been paid!

Here’s the latest. We’ve created all the conditions for our 107 year old community club to have a new future and we have finalised all formal requirements for us to move forward.

A new Board has been elected and renovations are underway.

We are on track and ready for the Club’s future:

1. A new business plan that ensures a sustainable and viable club for years to come.
2. A management partner and catering professional, the Bird & Bear Group – who have transformed similar clubs such as the Sydney Flying Squadron in Kirribilli – is signed-on and ready to make the club magnificent
3. Capacity and commitment to invest over $1m worth of refurbishment in the Club
4. Support of the membership and wider community, including over 380 new members in the last two months, taking total membership to over 1000 members!
5. A number of working committees have been established to ensure the move to a new era is smooth, effectively managed and successful


Mosman Rowers is entering a new era, with a stronger, renovated & re-invigorated club for our members and the Mosman Community. We have the support of the community to chart a course for the future, have secured an outstanding professional operator to take our offering to the next level, have plans to undertake over $1m worth of renovations to restore and renew the clubhouse, a new Board in place and we are finalising the details of a new agreement for lease with the RMS.

We will be family friendly and dog-friendly – which matters in Mosman! Exciting new discounts and benefits will be available to members through the Bird & Bear Group’s operations. Check them out here:

To ensure our Club is here to serve you, our members and our community, we are asking for your support in the form of membership commitments or donations.

Please show your support TODAY.

Click HERE to renew your membership, to join the Mosman Rowers or to make a pledge/donation..

If you would like to support with time or sponsorship, please use the try booking link to contact the Mosman Rowers New Era Committee.

We thank you for your support of the Mosman Rowers Club.